About us


Wolfgang Muthspiel about material records

The artists on material records cover a wide range of styles.
What connects them is the quality of the music, the fact that it is not
primarily a commercial venture but "handmade" and developed with
a long-term, process-oriented view.

material records allows artists to develop, to interconnect, to think in
terms of pure music. All artists on the label are excellent live performers
and write their own material.
Our label objective is to create atmospheres allowing the artists to reach
a maximum of expression.

The three subdivisions of material records: Jazz, song, and classics
outline the large field of music involved; contemporary jazz, the world
of the singer/songwriter and classical music, be it brand-new or interpreted
in a new way. I hope you enjoy this selection of our work.

Wolfgang Muthspiel, Vienna, January 2005